IN-FOCUS: Shedding light on new fluors: development of novel, metal-based probes for bioimaging.

Dr Simon Pope and his research group in CHEMY have been collaborating with the BIOSI Bioimaging Unit for over 8 years. Their research is focussed upon the development of new, metal-based, fluorescent probes for cell imaging applications, and forms part of a larger study on the use of metal complexes, which include rhenium and gold, as multi-modal imaging agents with therapeutic potential. In these studies, we have performed confocal imaging to (1) assess the cytotoxicity of the new probes, (2) evaluate their cellular uptake and determine their cytoplasmic localisation, and (3) characterise their fluorescent emissions via spectral (wavelength or lambda) scanning. The collaboration has yielded a number of high impact publications (see below) as well as a journal cover! With the improved potential of the new super-resolution confocal system we anticipate a lot more to come.


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