CORE EQUIPMENT: PicoQuant FLIM upgrade for the Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan Confocal Microscope.

FLIM demo

Image: Dr Pete Watson (left) gets to grips with the new Picoquant FLIM module. Dr Volker Buschmann of PicoQuant (right) provides expert advice.

Our new Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan confocal system has now been upgraded with the PicoQuant FLIM module for Fluorescence Lifetime IMaging. This module provides an additional two lasers (picosecond pulsed 440nm and 485nm diodes) and utilizes the Zeiss BiG.2 GaAsP detector to allow time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC). The FLIM module is run through Picoquant Symphotime software, which integrates seamlessly with the Zeiss Zen Black confocal software.


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