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This is a short post to outline what you will find in each of the sections within this blog.

  • Features contains information on recent events within the Bioimaging facility (e.g. new equipment, interesting research applications etc). Posts will be labelled either NEWS for general news items, IN-FOCUS for particular highlights of applications within the Unit or EQUIPMENT for new pieces of equipment in the unit.
  • Resources highlights some of the microscopical imaging techniques that are currently available and how these may benefit your research.
  • Gallery showcases a selection of the microscopical images produced within the facility.
  • Publications provides a list of all known publications (with linkouts) arising from research conducted within the facility.
  • FAQs contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions, fluorochrome data and other technical miscellany.

We hope that you find the information contained within this blog useful, or at least interesting, and look forward to your comments,

The Bioimaging Unit