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Avoiding burnout by finding your ‘thing’ – For Alumni, by Alumni

Posted on 23 September 2020 by Alumni team

Gemma Clatworthy (BA 2007) discovered a passion for storytelling during her Ancient History studies at Cardiff University, but it wasn’t until a global pandemic and a country-wide lockdown that she learned about the stress-relieving power of focusing on something you love. Here, she shares her struggles with balancing a career, childcare and the unrealistic desire to be perfect, and how she narrowly avoided burnout by channelling her feelings into a creative pastime.
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Mercy Ships, the NHS, and healthcare systems across the globe – For Alumni, By Alumni

Posted on 16 July 2020 by Alumni team

Leo Cheng (LLM 2006) is an oral, maxillofacial, head and neck surgeon who has spent most of his life travelling the globe and helping those from the poorest areas by performing free surgery and providing much needed medical care. He has now turned his attention and efforts to COVID-19 and reflects on his experience so far with the NHS and his concerns for those without a national health system.
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