Month: May 2022

Introducing… The 30(ish) Awards

Posted on 25 May 2022 by Alumni team

The 30(ish) Awards are coming soon, but what exactly are they? Barry Sullivan, Deputy Director of Supporter Relations and Head of Alumni & Supporter Relations, takes us through the thinking behind the awards scheme that’s doing things differently.
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Bossing It - Getting your foot in the door

Get your foot in the door – Bossing It

Posted on 23 May 2022 by Emma Lewis (BA 2017)

Starting out in the ‘real world’ after graduating can seem daunting, and finding (and securing) that perfect job, like an impossible task. We’ve spoken to Cardiff alumni who hit the ground running in carving out their career paths as recent graduates. Here are their top tips for getting your foot in the door…
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