Month: February 2022

Let’s talk about global polarisation: For Alumni, By Alumni

Posted on 15 February 2022 by Alumni team

Alexandra Chesterfield (BA 2003 and PGDip 2004) applies behavioural science to her work, to improve outcomes for individuals, organisations and societies. She works as the Head of Behavioural Risk at a successful bank and teaches as a guest lecturer at Jesus College Cambridge. Alexandra’s new podcast, Changed My Mind, and her book, Poles Apart, both examine and address the increasing polarisation occurring across the globe. Here she explains why this is such an important topic, and why now more than ever, is the time to talk about it.
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Recipes for Success: Welsh rarebit

Posted on 14 February 2022 by Alumni team

Kacie Morgan (BA 2010) is an award-winning food and travel writer, who started her popular food blog, The Rare Welsh Bit, shortly after graduating with a degree in journalism. This is one of her favourite recipes, she loves it so much she even named her blog after it!
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