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Systems Leadership

What Can Taylor Swift Teach Us About Business?

Posted on 13 December 2020 by Sarah Lethbridge

Conscious of the need to write a blog to close out the apocalyptic nightmare that is 2020 and welcome in the glorious new dawn of a No Deal Brexit in 2021 (surely be to God they won’t even consider this whilst we’re in the middle of what we’re in the middle of?! SIGH) I was
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How Would It Make You Feel?

Posted on 30 October 2020 by Sarah Lethbridge

“What is the problem you are trying to solve?” *Thunderbolt* *Dramatic Music* *Spine Tingles*  “The best thing to do when things are complicated and you’re not sure which way to turn, is to ask the question… what is the problem you are trying to solve?” I’m not sure if that follow up qualification sentence was
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Online Learning

Lights, Camera, Action!

Posted on 17 October 2020 by Sarah Lethbridge

If anyone hadn’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic which has affected Executive Education teaching somewhat…. We’ve had to get used to a variety of online delivery packages from Teams to Zoom and also, the University’s integrated package, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. I first started trialling it out a couple of years ago,
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Lean, Productivity

Had Enough of W.F.H.

Posted on 6 October 2020 by Sarah Lethbridge

I read this blog post by Paul Gilbert over the weekend and it really resonated with me.  Your best bet is to read the post yourself, but to crudely summarise, he talks of how ‘liminal spaces’ between meetings or appointments are where we process our ideas, come to terms with what we have learned and make
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