Organisational culture

The Love Island Blog

Posted on 2 August 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

Every month Executive Education sends a newsletter to its community to remind everyone that we are still here, open for business, and to let people know about the events and courses that are up and coming.  At the end of each newsletter, as you can see, I write a little blog to attempt to connect
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More Haste, Less Speed

Posted on 2 July 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

“Lean is primarily a lead time reduction methodology” I’ve said this sentence about a gazillion times, revelling in the fact that it took me too long to actually grasp this fact and that once I had grasped it, I needed to make sure I shared it with the world. Of course, lots of lean experts
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The Power of Persistence

Posted on 28 May 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

I’ve just learned that the winner of a 6 week virtual school rugby contest is “Ysgol y Ffin”, and I’m delighted! I don’t know who this School is, never been there. I’ve never met any of the pupils, or any of its members of staff. I don’t know whether their junior school rugby team is
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Looking Sideways and Down

Posted on 25 June 2019 by Sarah Lethbridge

When looking at how operations management is evolving, it seems that some of the more innovative companies follow an organisational design akin to the Netflix model of “highly aligned, loosely coupled” i.e. that all employees have a very clear understanding of what the company wants to achieve and how they can help the organisation to
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