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5 festive fundraising ideas

2 December 2021

It’s a wonderful time of year when most of us are feeling very generous and are happy to give to a good cause. Encourage others to embrace the spirit of giving with some festive-themed fundraising activities.

Before you get started, make sure that whatever you choose to do is in line with local COVID-19 restrictions, and if you decide to do anything with food, think about food hygiene and allergies. For gambling-related activities, check the Gambling Commission rules and remember, if you’re asking for donations in return for goods or services, like a raffle or wrapping presents, this won’t be eligible for Gift Aid.

Replacing gifts with donations

Alleviate some of the stress involved with picking the perfect gift by asking friends and family to donate to your JustGiving page instead. This reduces their present-giving load, potential paper and plastic waste, helps you hit your fundraising target, and, most importantly, goes towards an incredible cause.

Festive raffle

Put together a hamper of Christmas goodies (everyone loves chocolate!) or speak to your local pub, restaurant or independent shop about vouchers to raffle off. That way, as well as raising money, you’ll be supporting a local business that really needs it.

December decluttering

Raise some cash and get rid of the stuff clogging up your cupboards and wardrobes at the same time. Facebook is a really easy way to do this with no commission charge. Simply start uploading pics and prices!

Organise a Christmas jumper day

Who doesn’t love a cosy Christmas jumper? The more festive (and cheesy!) the better. Ask colleagues to wear their jumpers on a specific day and give a small donation towards your fundraising cause. If you’re not able to be together in person, suggest sending pics on a shared page or group chat. 

Christmas wrapping

Let’s face it, wrapping presents can be time-consuming, and getting that sticky tape to stick in the right places can be more frustrating than finding a needle in a haystack. By offering to take this chore off of people’s hands and wrap their presents for them, you can request a donation in return. It’s a win-win for everyone, and by the end of it, you’ll have some impressive present-wrapping skills