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Turnitin Feedback Studio Resources

13 December 2017

Recently, Marianna Majzonnova, Sharon Norman, Karl Luke and I have been working on developing introductory materials for using Turnitin, and it’s update to Grademark – Feedback Studio. Sharon and Karl have been working on rubric resources as part of an Education Innovation Fund (EIF) project, and the rubric section and downloading and importing Quickmark sets is credited to them. The resources have been split into categories including – Turnitin, marking with Feedback Studio, quickmarks, rubrics, similarity reports and student materials. Also thanks to Dewi for revising these resources and for all his comments on CU practice experience!!

We realise these materials will not cover all your needs, but more resources will be developed over time. In the meantime, the Feedback Studio help guide for staff by Turnitin is a useful resource, and feel free to give our previous blog post “New Feedback Studio overview” a look also. Welsh resources are also available if you send us an email.

Please feel free to contact the Centre for Education Innovation if you require further guidance and support, or come and speak to us at our learning technology advice drop-in sessions.

Turnitin (Setting up an assignment and settings):

Screencast: Turnitin – Creating an assignment

Document: Turnitin – Advanced assignment options

Screencast: Turnitin – Creating an assignment – optional settings

Document: Turnitin – Assignment inbox

Screencast: Turnitin – Assignment inbox

Screencast: Turnitin – Assignment inbox – advanced features

Screencast: Turnitin – Assignment inbox – Submission on behalf of a student


Marking with Feedback Studio:

Document: Feedback Studio: interface and access (Overview)

Document: Feedback Studio: online marking – teaching staff

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Walkthrough

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Marking, comment tools


Quickmarks (Pre-populated feedback):

Document: Turnitin Quickmarks – quick guide

Screencast: Feedback Studio – How to download and import QuickMark sets


Rubrics (Mark Sheets):

Document: Feedback Studio – Using Rubrics

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Rubrics: Grading with a Rubric

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Rubrics: Downloading & Uploading

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Rubrics: Creating a Standard Rubric

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Rubrics: Getting Started


Similarity Report:

Document: Turnitin – similarity reports for teaching staff

Screencast: Feedback Studio – Similarity report – access and interpretation


Resources for Students:

Document: Student – view of submitted assignments

Screencast: Student – view of a marked assignment

Document: Submitting a Turnitin assignment – student view

Screencast: Student – submission of a Turnitin assignment


  1. Sharon Norman

    This is a great resource for students and staff alike. Well done team, and thank you

  2. Claire Wylie

    This is a very useful resource for both staff and students. It is very comprehensive and well structured so easy to follow. Great work by all.

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