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What are we working on? – A short post to explain

12 August 2014

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by Dewi Parry

As the guys are taking a well earned break this week, I thought I’d put a short post together about what we are doing, and in particular what we are doing for September (sorry external readers!).

Allan and Catherine are currently working hard on Learning Central introductions for both students and staff. These will be in video format, and ready for the beginning of term.

I’m currently working on our presentation “Showcasing Learning Central Possibilities”, which we will be presenting at four venues across the University at the end of September. These sessions will be open to both academic and professional services staff, showcasing what Learning Central can do, and its benefits for teaching. The details will be confirmed and sent out shortly.

Also, a big thank you to Dorota, Jin and Mark in the Learning Technology Team, who are helping us put these materials together. They are the ones who have to deal with the queries all year round, so are best placed to inform us. Jin has also confirmed that Xerte Online Toolkits ( has been upgraded to the latest version (v2.1), which is great news.

Other things we are working on include:

  • An on-line module for Learning Central;
  • New technologies and implementing free third party tools in your teaching;
  • Good practice and case study dissemination;
  • More Peer Assessment options;
  • Training, training and more training!

Don’t forget ELTT are here to help with your explorations in learning technologies. If you are working or planning to work on any learning technology projects within Cardiff University, we would love to hear from you, and listen to your experiences. If you are interested in this area, and would like some further information, please get in touch, and we can arrange a meeting with you. We are contactable on

Happy holidays!

Writing this post, Dewi’s been listening to: Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (2014).