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Showcasing Learning Central possibilities: an update

26 August 2014

Our ELTT mailbox has been pretty full lately with queries about the showcase event we’ve advertised. So first just a reminder, if you’re interested in it, then details and booking can be found at the following links:

Thursday 18th September in John Percival 0.01 at 12pm. Book here.
Tuesday 23rd September in Glamorgan 0.85 at 12pm. Book here.
Thursday 25th September in Trevithick SR1 at 12pm. Book here.
Tuesday 30th September in Ty Dewi Sant 2/21 at 12pm. Book here.

There have been three main questions about the events within the messages in our inbox, so whilst Dewi is taking his well-earned break in the good old US of A, I thought I’d update you on those questions.

  1. Are there four different events or just one repeated?
    Just one event to showcase possibilities. You only need to book yourself on one of the four dates.
  2. I can’t make any of the events because of other commitments. Will you be putting on any more?
    We’ve tried to schedule the sessions on different dates and different parts of the University campus, in the hope you can make one. We may be able to add more sessions if the current ones get booked up. However, in the meantime, if you can’t make it, then it might interest you that, alongside the showcase, we’re also creating staff and student induction modules. These will be rolled out in September and will cover the basics of how to use Learning Central. The staff induction module is self-paced and will be available for all staff. It hopefully will provide you with most of the basic information you need. We will also be providing a presentation of the main part of the showcase event itself.
  3. Will you be covering assessment tools/communication tools/[insert specific thing here]?
    Below, I’ve added a list of the main things we’ll be talking about in the sessions, this isn’t necessarily an exhaustive list though, just the key aspects. We’ll also be leaving time in the session itself for questions and will be around to arrange any follow ups if you have specific things you want to talk to us about.

Showcasing possibilities:  main aspects of the session

  • Communication tools – including announcements, emails, and discussions.
  • Collaboration tools – including the key tools for student ‘groups’.
  • Assessment tools – including the main tools for formative and summative assessment, such as self-tests/quizzes and tools for written and verbal feedback.
  • Basics of content delivery – including files, and third-party stored media.
  • Introducing the Student View tool.
  • Basics of getting help and support.