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Q & A with Professor Anwen Williams (Principal Fellow)

4 May 2020
Anwen Williams, Professor of Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Name:  Anwen Williams, Principal Fellow

Job title/Role:   Professor of Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

School/College:   Medicine/ C-BLS

When did you become a Principal Fellow? 2019

Why did you decide to apply for an Advance HE Fellowship?     
I wanted Cardiff University to be recognised as a/the place where young researchers would come to experience excellent Postgraduate Research training in a supportive and collaborative environment. I targeted the fellowship because it was an impactful way to evidence this. It was also an opportunity to raise awareness that Postgraduate Research (PGR) is a specialist research-led teaching discipline. I wanted to build upon the support I’d received and that I’d given to staff and students at the School of Medicine with fellowship applications. I aimed to show what was possible and thereby to inspire and help staff University-wide to do likewise. It was not an easy process. It was worth the effort though.

How has being a Fellow had an impact on what you do?
The Fellowship gave me the confidence to seek out new teaching and learning opportunities. For the first time, I am leading on the creation, design & development of an innovative research-led postgraduate teaching programme at the School of Medicine. I’m also advising and reporting on quality assurance and enhancement procedures on behalf of the University for collaborative undergraduate provision with a partner institution.

How do you envisage being a Principal Fellow/National Teaching Fellow impacting on your future and any upcoming projects/work?
PFHEA will enable me to advise, influence, lead, support and learn from external work packages with higher education institutions and industrial partners. Analysis of impact and critical reflection upon the experience will underpin my positive contribution to teaching and learning and my future career.  

What advice would you give to colleagues thinking of applying for Principal Fellowship or National Teaching Fellowship?
Persevere with the application. Ringfence time to collate the evidence of the impact of your leadership in teaching and learning and to focus on writing.  It is empowering to read the finished article and to say to yourself ‘I really did all that’ and ‘I made a positive difference’.

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