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Q & A with Emmajane Milton (Senior Fellow/National Teaching Fellow)

21 April 2020
Emmajane Milton, Reader in Education

Name: Emmajane Milton, Senior Fellow and National Teaching Fellow

Job title/Role: Reader in Education

School/College: SOCSI / AHSS

When did you become a Senior Fellow / National Teaching Fellow / both? Senior Fellow 2017 | National Teaching Fellow 2018

Why did you decide to apply for an Advance HE Fellowship? A lot of my career has been involved in education, although not in the Higher Education sector. When I came to the University, I was interested to see how the University sector captured quality in terms of teaching and learning and this was one of the routes. Also, I feel it’s important that teaching and learning excellence is valued and recognised.

How has being a Fellow had an impact on what you do? For me, I think the most important thing is the transferable recognition that is now international, a lot of institutions value Fellowships and Senior Fellowships. But also, that you’re part of a network; I really valued that you can network with other colleagues who equally have the recognition and that enables you to access other ideas and things to think about across the sector.

What advice would you give to colleagues thinking of applying for Senior Fellowship or National Teaching Fellowship? Go for it! Both are really valuable to do in and of themselves.

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