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Personal Tutor Profile: Emiliano Treré, School of Journalism, Media and Culture

10 November 2020

Tell us a little about yourself, what School you’re a Senior Personal Tutor in and how long have you been involved with Personal Tutoring?
My name’s Emiliano Treré, I joined the School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC) in 2017 and have been involved in quality of Senior Personal Tutor since September 2019. During my years as Associate Professor in Mexico I also acted during three years as Senior Tutor and I have extensive experience in dealing with students in different languages and from different backgrounds.

What’s been the most rewarding thing about being a Personal Tutor so far?
These have been particularly challenging times in particular for our relationship with our tutees and the several challenges that students have had to face. The most rewarding aspect of this period has been to help students through this difficult period and getting messages from international students about how I was able to help them cope with the uncertainties of the pandemic was incredibly rewarding.

What’s been the biggest realisation for you in terms of the impact a Personal Tutor can have on students?
Learning how to best use my experience as an international scholar and student to help them in their academic journey.

What advice would you impart to colleagues new to Personal Tutoring?
Always be honest, respectful, clear, and flexible.

What 5 things would you recommend as good practice for all Personal Tutors?

  1. know your students and your School’s resources
  2. know what help you can and should provide (and your limitations)
  3. know whom to contact to provide the help and support you cannot give
  4. learn from experience and from yours and your colleagues’ mistakes
  5. talk to and learn from other personal tutors

A new Personal Tutoring Online Resource is now live and available to all Personal Tutors, Senior Personal Tutors and those that help support the Personal Tutoring System.

The package consists of: 
• A refreshed Personal Tutoring Online Resource
• A bank of Scenario-based Case Studies
• Personal Tutoring at a Distance Podcast Series
• Personal Tutoring at a Distance – thematic video resources