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10 January 2023
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By Dr Alyson Lewis, Lecturer in Education Development.

What is your role at the university? 

 I’ve recently joined the Fellowship Team which sits within the Learning and Teaching Academy (LT Academy) so I’m very new to the university. I’m excited to be working in the LT Academy as it provides an excellent service across the university ensuring that learners receive high quality learning and teaching experiences. It’s great to be part of the Fellowship Team, to deliver the Advance HE accredited programmes and work with colleagues to develop effective learning and teaching practices.    

What is the Launchpad about? 

The Launchpad workshop is a bespoke professional development workshop which is designed to provide Post Graduate Research (PGR) tutors, demonstrators and those new to teaching in Higher Education with support in designing, carrying out and reflecting on teaching and supporting learning. The workshop offers a useful introduction to effective teaching practices with the following key themes: 

  • inclusive practices 
  • designing and planning teaching sessions 
  • effective assessment and feedback 

Dates of Launchpad 

  • Tuesday 10 January 2023 (face-to-face) 
  • Friday 27 January 2023 (online)  

What is your involvement with the Launchpad? 

I’ve recently taken over as Launchpad lead from Dr Michael Willett. The role involves planning and preparing materials for the workshop and liaising with other colleagues in the Learning and Teaching Academy, such as the Digital Education team who deliver a short segment on blended learning at the workshop.  

Another important part of my role is to develop a community of practice for Launchpad participants, so they feel supported in their journey of inclusive, successful learning and teaching.  I want participants to feel connected with others across the university and have a place to go to ask questions, develop and share their practice. To help achieve this connectedness, I’ve developed a Microsoft Teams page with OneNote embedded which has an exciting ‘collaboration space’ where we can share resources and interesting events and a there’s a ‘personal space’ for reflection.   

Launchpad top tips

  1. Enjoy being with your students and creating positive learning experiences 
  2. For continued support, engage with the bespoke Teams page and try to stay connected with other Launchpad participants
  3. Be brave and vary your learning and teaching activities