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Learning and Teaching Academy’s Media Production Service: How does it work?

30 January 2023
Panopto Multimedia Studio
Panopto Multimedia Studio

What is the Learning and Teaching Academy’s Media Production Service? 

Founded in August 2022, the LT Academy’s Media Production Service works collaboratively with schools/academics in producing bespoke multi-media content with a focus on learning & teaching. 

The service aims to provide expert advice around all aspects of media production and to empower staff to create their own content wherever possible. Even if your idea or project does not fall within our remit, we may still be able to provide equipment, space or training to help you produce high-quality content.  

An example of this would be providing you with hands-on training in the use of our self-service Panopto recording studios.  

Who’s the service for? 

The service is aimed at staff members who either want guidance on taking their multimedia content to the next level, or for those who have ideas for content that they would not otherwise be able to produce on their own.  

About Lewis’ Media Production Service experience 

Being part of the LT Academy’s Media Production Service has allowed me to immerse myself into the incredible culture of learning and teaching at Cardiff University. The variety of projects and challenges I get exposed to through this service has empowered me to continually exercise my problem solving, facilitation, creative and networking skills.  

In the short time I’ve been working with the service I’ve had the pleasure of networking and collaborating with teams as diverse as the School of Law and Politics (CPLS), School of Medicine (Virtual Hospital Wales), School of Healthcare Sciences, School of Archaeology, Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), University Research Network and many more.  

The aspect of the service I enjoy the most is assisting staff members in re-designing or updating content that was created with older, lower quality cameras. Often, multimedia projects get completed on a DIY basis with amazing ideas but poor execution. I enjoy being able to re-engineer and assist in transforming these ideas into high quality outputs.  

Tell us about some of your other projects 

One project I’m currently working on is assisting the Centre for Professional Legal Studies updating their audio-based exams for their Police Representatives Accreditation Scheme. This project involved recording several scripted scenarios with voice actors in order to be used in online proctored exams. This is just one of many projects we have been able to assist in. 

If you would like some help creating media for learning and teaching please view our intranet page or get in touch by completing a media production request. 

If you would like some general advice and support around producing media yourself, or want to explore your options, please contact our Digital Education Support Hub: