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JISC Digifest 2016 (Post1/4)

22 April 2016
Digifest 2016 Graphic

by Hannah, Gethin and Dewi

Last month, we went along to Digifest, the annual forum for learning technologists in UK further and higher education. It’s run by JISC, the not for profit organisation that provides digital services, advice and practical assistance. Digifest is a valuable opportunity for us to hear from key figures in education on current challenges and a chance to play with some of the latest gadgets, tech and tools for learning.

One of the most important aspects of the conference for us is the opportunity to hear from learning technologists and academics at other universities and colleges about what is working well for them. This year, there was plenty of food for thought so we’ve each shared one thing challenge that we’ve brought back to Cardiff.

Here are a few of resources for you to have a taste of the sessions:

Digifest 16 questions: