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All about Xerte: new tutorial resource

22 April 2016
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by Catherine Emmett

xerte logo graphic

Last week’s adventures for one-half of the learning technology enablement team were all about the Xerte conference. There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on out there, so look out for posts to come shortly about the conference from various learning technologists in the University. And, since there is so much excitement going on, we thought it’s about time we got around to publicising the resources we’ve created to help people get started in using Xerte.

Xerte is a suite of browser-based tools that allow anyone to easily create interactive learning materials. It has huge potential for learning and teaching, and is currently being used quite extensively within some sections of the University. So if you’re interested in getting started with creating learning objects, we now have a tutorial resource available to help you. The resource is aimed at educators and learning designers, and has lots of links to various resources which may be of interest to you in understanding Xerte.

To get access to the tutorial, simply log in to Xerte at and click Introducing Xerte for creating interactive multimedia learning objects under the Tutorials link in the bottom left corner. Or you can go directly to it now by opening this link:

If you would like to repurpose this tutorial resource for your own context, please get in touch with me ( to get edit access to your own copy. 

With thanks to those who peer reviewed the resources, especially Simon Wood for his very useful feedback.



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