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Social Media

A Tweet’s Tale

Posted on 5 April 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

Last month, I finally ‘went viral’. As a fan of social media (Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, Instagram to keep in touch with celebs, Twitter to keep in touch with global events) I had always sneakily wanted to go viral. I’m not sure why, it probably stemmed from my days of
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Innovation, Lean, Service Improvement

Searching for a Sign or a Signal

Posted on 1 March 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

As I’m writing this, it’s St David’s Day in Wales, this morning I sent my little girl off to School in her Welsh Lady costume and felt compelled to go into the Supermarket (for the first time in a year) to buy some Daffodils (deemed Essential Items for Welsh people). I did not linger. I’m
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Operations, Strategy

Operations Rule the World

Posted on 31 January 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

There are many things that annoy me in the world of work, but a particular bugbear of mine, which I’m sure happens in many organisations, is that when discussing the progress of various initiatives, the Centre’s ‘strategic role’ is positioned as more critical and important that the satellites’ ‘operational’ one. The inference is that ‘operational
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Systems Leadership

What Can Taylor Swift Teach Us About Business?

Posted on 13 December 2020 by Sarah Lethbridge

Conscious of the need to write a blog to close out the apocalyptic nightmare that is 2020 and welcome in the glorious new dawn of a No Deal Brexit in 2021 (surely be to God they won’t even consider this whilst we’re in the middle of what we’re in the middle of?! SIGH) I was
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