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The Power of Persistence

Posted on 28 May 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

I’ve just learned that the winner of a 6 week virtual school rugby contest is “Ysgol y Ffin”, and I’m delighted! I don’t know who this School is, never been there. I’ve never met any of the pupils, or any of its members of staff. I don’t know whether their junior school rugby team is
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Innovation, Lean, Service Improvement

Brain Training

Posted on 4 May 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

When I was pregnant, I turned down a couple of offers to speak at different international conferences because I didn’t want to fly. Not that there is any evidence to say that I couldn’t or shouldn’t have flown of course, ever the catastrophist, I just didn’t want to take what I considered to be unnecessary
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Social Media

A Tweet’s Tale

Posted on 5 April 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

Last month, I finally ‘went viral’. As a fan of social media (Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, Instagram to keep in touch with celebs, Twitter to keep in touch with global events) I had always sneakily wanted to go viral. I’m not sure why, it probably stemmed from my days of
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Innovation, Lean, Service Improvement

Searching for a Sign or a Signal

Posted on 1 March 2021 by Sarah Lethbridge

As I’m writing this, it’s St David’s Day in Wales, this morning I sent my little girl off to School in her Welsh Lady costume and felt compelled to go into the Supermarket (for the first time in a year) to buy some Daffodils (deemed Essential Items for Welsh people). I did not linger. I’m
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