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Our Vision is to foster a community of employable Postgraduate Researchers branded by research excellence, who will become national and international ambassadors for Cardiff University whilst following fulfilling careers. In order to foster this community, we want to encourage PGRs to come together both physically and virtually.

We have created this blog to serve as a place where researchers can discover and engage with one another. We know that doing a PhD can be isolating at times, but we also know that there are over 2,000 postgraduate researchers at Cardiff University doing great, innovative research and eager to make connections along the way. We hope this blog can help make those connections happen.

We also hope that this blog will:

  • Entertain you, with engaging posts by a range of contributors including PhD students as well as academics and industry experts
  • Inform you, by exploring topics that are relevant and important to doctoral researchers
  • Inspire you, by showing you what our PhD students are achieving throughout the University and beyond

We will try to include contributors’ Twitter handles wherever possible, and encourage you to get in touch with them if they have piqued your interest. We’d also like to invite your honest feedback on the blog posts, and we hope to strike up some conversations in the comments section.

We will be updating the blog regularly, so follow us on Twitter @CardiffDA for notifications.

Do you fancy practising your communications and public engagement skills? We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to contribute to the blog. Pitch us an idea and get published! Drop us a message at or via Twitter @CardiffDA


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