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Tim Price (BA 2001)

2 February 2016
Tim Price
Tim Price (photo Warren Orchard)

Tim Price is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter.

I studied English Literature and Philosophy at Cardiff. The philosophy course changed my approach to life in a fundamental way and I continue to draw from it professionally, emotionally and spiritually.

I was taught by Tim Rhys who suggested I keep writing after graduation. It was this conversation that set me on the path which led me to become a professional playwright and screenwriter.

I have worked on primetime television shows such as Eastenders and Switch while my plays have been staged at the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Court theatre, Traverse theatre, and National Theatre Wales.

I am delighted to be able to make a living out of a creative life. Quite often, I don’t have to wear anything other than my pants and a novelty hat (just because I can). I never take a single day working as a writer for granted.

I am incredibly conscious that I am where I am because I have had the good fortune to have met people like Tim Rhys, and others in the industry who encouraged, mentored and supported my development as a writer.

The two companies I have founded in Wales aim to help emerging playwrights. We take theatre to unconventional spaces such as kebab shops, yurts and forests.

I’d urge anyone who is considering coming to Cardiff to go for it – it is an excellent city to get lost and find yourself in. My time there allowed me to discover writers and ideas that have shaped who I have become.