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Learning Central Grade Centre – Creating Weighted Score Columns

11 May 2015

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by Dewi Parry

It’s been a while since our last update, but we do have a couple of new things to tell you about. ELTT has been assisting our friends in the LTE team on a new Turnitin and Grademark FAQ resource, along with the MEDIC eLearning team – a blog post will follow on that soon. Plus, all of us in those teams have been working in one way or another on the Learn Plus project, which we will also blog about very soon.

The first two FutureLearn badged MOOCs of the year have now finished, so ELTT are working on the next two at the moment – with Modern Languages and Healthcare. These are brand new, and we are very much looking forward to launching them. In addition, Gethin’s been working with Andy Lloyd and Oxford Brookes on an Assessment Project related to feedback, and I gave a talk (in Welsh – thanks Robin Hughes for the instant translation!) to PCUTL participants about the use GradeMark.

But now onto something of a technical post…

We had a question recently (from the PCUTL session) about weighted columns in the Learning Central Grade Centre. The question was: can you set up a new column for calculating an overall score for two separate assignments, each weighted differently?

The answer is yes you can! For example, you can set up a weighted column for:

  • Two or more learning central assignments;
  • Two or more Turnitin assignments;
  • A combination of Turnitin and Learning Central assignments (for individual and group submission for example);
  • You can also bring in scores from the group tools (wikis, blogs, journals etc ) and add them to the weighted column.

I’ve created a video showing exactly how to do this. The only thing to mention is that obviously you should create the assignments themselves first, so that they are available for you to select them for the new column. Plus, if you want the new column to be the one the students see as a total for the module, you need to click on the Chevron next to the column title, and choose “select as external grade”. Enjoy!

As ever, don’t forget ELTT are here to help with your explorations in learning technologies. If you are working or planning to work on any learning technology projects within Cardiff University, we would love to hear from you, and find out about your experiences. If you are interested in this area, and would like some further information, please get in touch, and we can arrange a meeting with you. Email us via:

Writing this post, Dewi’s been listening to: Stereolab –  Metronomic Underground (1996).