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Using LinkedIn Learning as a student

12 May 2021

One of our Student Champions talks about their experience of using LinkedIn Learning and the courses they would recommend to other students.

Tell us your name, course, and year of study

My name is Uzair and I am in my third year of university studying Medicine at Cardiff Medical School. I am originally from Birmingham

When did you start using LinkedIn Learning?

I started using LinkedIn Learning about 3 months ago when I was introduced to the platform as a student champion.

What do you use LinkedIn Learning for?

I have used LinkedIn Learning to generate ideas on how to develop my PowerPoint presentation skills, whilst preparing for a project I had to deliver as part of my degree course.

I used LinkedIn courses to learn how to select ideal colour schemes for the presentation that would cater to individuals with colour blindness. For example, I learned to avoid blue and red colour combinations and how to alter font size to maximise audience attention.

I have also used LinkedIn Learning to develop my understanding of Excel formatting prior to a project I was working on that involved extensive use of Microsoft Excel. I learned to improve the efficiency of data entry as well as developing my understanding of conditional formatting.

What is the best course you have done on LinkedIn Learning?

The best course I have done on LinkedIn Learning was a course on the importance of assertiveness and how to effectively be assertive whilst simultaneously being respectful and considerate. The course emphasised the importance of expressing yourself in a clear and coherent manner and the benefits of assertiveness in reducing decision making related chronic anxiety.

Moreover, the course demonstrated how this skill can be transferred to your personal life as well as professional and also emphasised that assertiveness encourages the development of leadership qualities.

What courses do you recommend to your fellow students?

Managing your jobseeker mindset! – This course highlights how to develop a growth mindset of self-confidence to create a positive impression whilst job hunting and how to avoid self-depreciating philosophies.

Learning personal branding – this course details the importance of creating a unique professional persona that highlights your experience and professional qualities to optimise your online professional presence.

How to rock an interview– this podcast provides important tips and tricks on how to develop your interview confidence and enthusiasm whilst in the job search process.

Why do you think it’s important for students to use this resource?

LinkedIn Learning is an entirely free resource provide to you whilst you are a Cardiff University student. The resource has thousands of vetted and quality assured courses ranging from personal and professional development to financial management and advice on starting a small business.

This platform can help you improve the quality of your academic work, as well as support you in your career search and interview process. Ultimately it’s free for your consumption and can contribute to your holistic development!

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