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Learning Central Staff induction / refresher now available

16 October 2014

by Dewi ParryLearning Central Induction Image Portal

As you may have noticed recently, there is a new portlet on your Learning Central homepage (when you’ve logged in).

Underneath the “My Announcements” and “My Tasks” portlet in the middle section of the screen, you will find the new “Staff induction / refresher now available” portlet (see right) where you can enrol on to the staff induction module. After enrolling, the module will then appear in your “My Modules” list where you will be enrolled as a student.

The reason we’ve created this module is to train or refresh staff in the basics of online learning in Learning Central, and the module currently covers the essential elements. This module will be developed over the course of the academic year and beyond.

As staff members, you will also now have access to the student induction module; you can view the general information that is given to students. You are free to use this material for your own purposes, and feel free to disseminate its location for your own students. Again, this module will also be developed over the course of the academic year and beyond.

If you do enrol on to the modules, please use the feedback forms within the modules to let us know what you think, and how we could develop the module and its delivery in the future.

For those of you you who came to our Learning Central Showcases, thanks for taking time out of your day to come along. We are currently reading through the feedback that we received, which will help us plan and execute future ELTT sessions.

While writing this blog post, Dewi has been listening to: Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (2014) – (It’s not a long song!!!)