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Reflecting on our March event in the National Teaching Fellow (NTF) seminar series with James Field

11 April 2024

Written by Professor James Field, Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Dental Education and Professor Emmajane Milton, Professor in Educational Practice.  

We had another thought-provoking discussion based session on the 20 March 2024 in our regular National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) networking and discussion series.  

James Field’s session titled “Excellence in teaching – what’s it all about? provided a stimulus for colleagues to consider their own career paths and how their interest and commitment to learning and teaching in Higher Education came about. James challenged us to think about the expectations we have of our students and crucially their expectations of us and how we can best meet them where they are whilst also having high expectations. We discussed scholarship and what that has meant for James in his career and the importance of carving out and taking ownership of how you contribute and the importance of recognising the vast array of what constitutes scholarship activity. 

We asked James Field for his reflections too: 

“It was great to talk to other colleagues from across the University to think about their own experiences and how we can build a shared community and commitment to educational practice and supporting students learning at Cardiff.” 

Participants particularly liked the: 

  • Opportunities for discussion   
  • The personal story aspect of the presentation – really powerful 
  • Having time and space to think about educational practice and scholarship 
  • Having a diverse range of colleagues to interact with – including part time university teachers, professional services staff and academics  

Join us at our next seminar

We warmly invite you to join us at our next National Teaching Fellowship seminar on 17th April from 13.00-15.00 on the Heath Park campus in the Main Hospital Council Room. Please register through Core so that you get the link for the event.  

Our next event Individual differences and learning design: how are we enabling self-assessment and self-regulation in a changing world? will feature Dr Stephen Greenwood from the School of Medicine one of our earliest NTF winners in Cardiff.  

Please book your place through the HR System using the code: TEAC9691 

We look forward to seeing you there.