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Reflecting on our February event in the National Teaching Fellow (NTF) seminar series with Emmajane Milton

12 March 2024

Written by Dr Nathan Roberts, Fellowships Programme Manager, LTA and Professor Emmajane Milton, Professor in Educational Practice.

We had another thought-provoking discussion-based session on the 21 February 2024 in our regular National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) networking and discussion series.

Emmajane’s session titled “It’s in everything we do …. a responsibility and a privilege” provided a stimulus for colleagues to consider their own journeys as educators … it’s always illuminating to explore the connections between the experiences and people that have inspired us, and the ways in which we may now be teaching ourselves. The session highlighted how important it is to remember that we are in a position to have a great impact on learners and must exercise this with great care and responsibility. The discussion highlighted how in recent years all learners have seen a lot of disruption and we will be responding to the after-effects of COVID for some time to come … so the way forward must involve us modelling an inclusive, open and collaborative approach in all our interactions with students.

We asked Emmajane for her reflections too:

“I always love having the opportunity to work with colleagues from a range of disciplines and career stages as I always come away feeling I have learnt lots and thought about things from different perspectives.”

Participants particularly liked:

  • The discursive, interactive nature of the session
  • The welcoming environment facilitated by more senior academics
  • Having people at such different stages of their career, helping to make it an enjoyable experience.
  • Having time and space to think and be a learner.
  • The engaging, interactive elements facilitated live discussions among attendees, making the session more fun and dynamic.
  • That the topics covered were highly relevant to current educational challenges, especially in adapting to changes brought by the pandemic making the seminar particularly valuable.
  • The focus on inclusive pedagogy and caring for both students’ well-being and learning

Join us at our next seminar

We warmly invite you to join us at our next National Teaching Fellowship seminar on 20th  March from 13.00-15.00 on the Cathays campus in the Glamorgan building in -1.80.

Our next event “Excellence in teaching – are we even in the same ball park?” will feature Professor James Field from the School of Dentistry and a NTF winner in 2018.

Please book your place through the HR System using the code: TEAC9691

We look forward to seeing you there.