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Q & A with Dr Clare Bennett (Senior Fellow)

30 April 2020
Dr Clare Bennett, Senior Lecturer: Adult Nursing

Name:  Dr Clare Bennett, Senior Fellow

Job title/Role: Senior Lecturer: Adult Nursing

School/College: School of Healthcare Sciences

When did you become a Senior Fellow? 2018

Why did you decide to apply for an Advance HE Fellowship?
In my previous institution it was a requirement of staff in preparation for TEF.

How has being a Fellow had an impact on what you do?
The reflective elements have positively influenced my teaching, for example through reminding me of how impactful flipping the classroom can be. An added bonus is that it helped underpin my application for promotion to SL!

How do you envisage being a Senior Fellow/National Teaching Fellow impacting on your future and any upcoming projects/work?
I consider it almost ‘an industry standard’ in relation to teaching and scholarship grants and projects, so I am pleased that I have it on my CV as it opens up more opportunities for progression.

What advice would you give to colleagues thinking of applying for Senior Fellowship or National Teaching Fellowship?
I’d say to definitely go for it but be aware that to do yourself justice you need sufficient time and good mentorship.

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