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PANOPTO your first PREZI

21 July 2017

Whether you are Prezi expert, or thinking about using it for the first time, we’ll take a look at its new features and combining it with the University’s capture system – Panopto. 

Before we start, there’s a couple of things to note about using free web tools:

  • Sites now often offer “freemium” services (the word freemium is a combination of the words free and premium), which you will usually have to sign up to individually.
  • Often, this means they’ll give you a certain amount of features for free, but then you’ll have to pay for the full service, and for the ability for sharing your content outside the site. Some companies offers accounts for users from Educational sector.
  • Sometimes, freemium tools can be very helpful for teaching and learning, but it must be noted that these tools discussed today are not supported technically by the University.
  • We do not tend to push you to use or promote the tool as the best solution. On the contrary if you know about better solution for learning and teaching or have any suggestions please let us know.

Most of you are more than familiar with using MS PowerPoint to teach, share or visually present information. In HE it has become the “traditional” way of presenting lectures. Many share PowerPoint lectures with students on Learning Central or possibly additional platforms. Some of you are aware about recording your voice over the slides using MS Office tools. Some find the advantages (file size, sharing, access, etc.) of using PANOPTO personal capture to record your slides and share the recording with your class. You don’t have to care about file size, type, codecs and where to store it.

If you panopto your PowerPoint it’s great

But why not step away from the traditional way of presenting information towards a single canvas approach?

New ways of presenting information show significant potential to make your message more memorable if using single panel. A tool such as Prezi gives you the ability to present a comprehensive message in one panel by using infographics, facts, and ideas. With Prezi, you can create a single online canvas presentation.

The real power of Prezi is the ability to skip between slides and avoid the traditional slide deck. How many times you had to flip through many slides to show your audience the right one? And then flip back to the current slide?

A powerful suggestion for learning and teaching is to record your Prezi with Panopto, as a personal capture / screencast and share it with your audience prior to or following the lecture. Please watch the screencast as an example of good practice at Cardiff.

panopto video

Prezi account information:

  1. On the PREZI website sign up for the educational (EDU) account – it offers more features than the basic free account.

education account






Prezi has recently replaced its old version – Prezi Classic with new product – Prezi Next. If you have created a Prezi account previously you should be able to switch between the Classic and Next version. All your previous presentations from Classic will be still available.

accounts comparison

As stated above (see the picture) there are some limitations within the standard EDU account. Unfortunately you have to use one of the templates to create your presentation in Prezi Next with the EDU standard account. You cannot start from scratch as in the old version. However, there are plenty to choose from, and it still allows you to create interesting presentations.


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