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Panopto, Event Capture and Personal Capture

11 May 2016
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The Learn Plus project, which is rolling out Panopto across Cardiff University, offers two different approaches to capturing teaching and learning activities: event capture and personal capture. Both approaches offer a flexible, multimedia approach for capturing teaching activities and sharing resources online, including sharing via our Virtual Learning Environment – Learning Central. However, it is worth clarifying the terms event capture and personal capture and highlight the possibilities these approaches represent.

Event Capture vs Personal Capture

Panopto allows staff to develop interactive content, which learners can access, review and replay at their own pace. For an overview of Panopto and its possibilities you may like to review this previous blog post: Introducing Panopto.

This short animation has been created to explain the difference between event capture and personal capture. A transcript can be found here: Personal capture – Event capture transcript .


Event capture

Event capture allows staff to schedule and record teaching activities, training sessions or any other events that take place in selected spaces, such as lecture theatres and pool rooms. A number of teaching spaces across campus will be equipped for event capture and a list of Learn Plus-ready rooms can be found here.

The staff intranet provides section provides guidance to support staff during each step of the Panopto event capture process.

If you are interested in reading more in this area, Hull University have collated a number of resources on the subject of lecture capture pedagogy.

Personal capture

In addition to event capture, Panopto offers a desktop capture application, giving faculty the ability to create and share presentations, screencasts and podcasts from desktops or mobile devices. This allows faculty to record teaching activities in various environments, such as offices, workshops, laboratories and field locations, and represents innovative teaching and learning opportunities, such as developing content as part of a flipped or blended learning approach. The Learn Plus team and the Centre for Education Innovation will be working closely in the coming months in developing programmes of activities to promote personal capture, training materials and case studies highlighting best practice across the University.

Want to get started?

If you would like to get involved and have a requirement for using Panopto please complete the short online form available on the Intranet.

If you have any questions that you would like to raise, please get involve in the Learn Plus Yammer community.


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