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Learn Plus: Getting “event capture” ready for the new year

23 September 2016
Lean Plus Logo
Lean Plus Logo

by Karl Luke

The start of the new 16/17 academic year is now upon us. Over the summer the Learn Plus team have been busy ensuring all the technical and operational pieces behind the scenes are in place for successful event capture. We have also been busy training many of our colleagues across the University in using the event capture solution effectively.

We have continued our partnership with Cardiff University Students’ Union (CUSU) and have been in regular communication with the new VP Education – Mo Hanafy. As a result of this partnership, Learn Plus information is now available on the Student Intranet and we are currently producing videos and other promotional materials specially for the student body. Watch this space!

That all sounds great, how do I get involved?

The Learn Plus team have produced comprehensive information on Event Capture on the Staff Intranet. There are five stages to event capture: preparing, scheduling, capturing, approving and distributing. This Staff Intranet provides guidance to support staff during each step of the Panopto event capture process.

Where I can find Event Capture spaces?

You can find a list of teaching spaces equipped with enhanced and core functionality on the Staff Intranet here.

I have a technical issue or schedule request. Who do I contact?

Please report technical issues or schedule requests to the IT Service Help Desk

This is my first time doing this. Do you have any advice?

You can save time by block scheduling teaching activities. For example, you can request to automatically record weeks of re-occurring teaching events during a term and you maintain control over the release of the content.

Also, download this ‘Before You Start’ Event Capture checklist which you may like to use as part of your planning activities.

I have reviewed the guidance on the Intranet and I still have a question. Can you help?

The Learn Plus team have a Yammer community where you can post any Learn Pus related enquires. Key information and updates from the project team will also be posed here. Alternatively, please contact the IT Service Help Desk.