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Hannah Temple joins the ELTT Team

8 July 2015

Hello! My name is Hannah Temple and I’ve just joined the ELTT team as the representative for the College of Biological and Life Sciences. I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a bit about me and my first week in the job.

About me

I’m originally from Pontardawe but I haven’t lived in Wales for over ten years so I’m very happy to be back in Cardiff! I moved away to study Theology as an undergrad and then did a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies. Since then, I’ve been working at Deloitte in London as a Management Consultant which is one of those jobs people always wonder about. I was part of the Learning Solutions team and I spent my time working with clients across the public and private sector, helping them devise learning strategies and implement technologies to support and develop their people effectively.  As you’re frequently working on new projects, there’s no typical day in consulting and you’re constantly coming up against new challenges.

One of the things I am particularly interested in is change management – In my experience, this is the key to successfully launching and embedding new technology into ways of working and ensuring that people are getting the most from it. In particular, I think there are three things to focus on:

  1. Clear and open communication with users before it goes live – What is the new technology; when is it coming; how will it impact and benefit you and your students?
  2. Training and post-implementation support – Ensuring users are comfortable using the technology in a way that genuinely enhances how they work and teach.
  3. Ensuring that there are mechanisms in place to gather and incorporate feedback on an ongoing basis, both formal and informal.

I’m looking forward to putting my skills and experience to good use in my new role as part of ELTT!

My first week: The Education Portfolio Showcase…and Beekeeping

My first week in the job has been a busy one. I attended the Education PortfolioBeekeeping photo for blog Showcase last Thursday which was a great opportunity to meet academic staff and other Learning Technologists from across the university and hear about some of the exciting projects we have going on at the moment. I was particularly excited to see Learn Plus
(Panopto in particular) in action – I think this is going to make a huge difference to the way we teach and learn at the university. You can read more about that here.

As I’ve joined the university during Positive Health and Environment Week (PHEW), I spent Friday lunchtime meeting and learning about the university bees on the roof of the Pharmacy building. A weird and wonderful introduction to life at Cardiff University! Here’s a photo of me preparing to meet the bees. Enjoy!                                            

Come and say hello!                                                                                                  

So that’s me! Dewi, Gethin and the team have been really welcoming and I’m excited about getting started on the projects we have going on at the moment. I’m sure I’ll meet lots of you at some point over the next few weeks but if you see me around campus, do come and introduce yourself!