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Everything you ever wanted to know about Turnitin (and a bit more besides)!

13 May 2015

by Catherine Emmett

As Dewi mentioned in a recent blog post, the LTET, ELTT and Medic E-learning teams have been working together to put together a range of FAQs about Turnitin. You can find them all at this address:

It’s a work in progress, and currently most of the FAQs relate to key parts of the workflow around creating assignments, submitting work, and the main factors about marking within GradeMark. (Plus, we’ve also used the FAQs to try to help in understanding a few of the issues ‘around the margins’ where the use of Turnitin crosses over in relation to the use of other tools for computer-aided assessment.) We will develop these FAQs over time, and we hope it will eventually form a useful guide to everything you might need to know about Turnitin.

Right now we’re looking at the next lot of FAQs we’re going to be adding to this. These will be focused on what you need to know about ‘rubrics’ and some really important guidance for students and staff on using the originality report (for plagiarism checking). We’re doing this work with a number of partners around the University, including learning technologists from within other Colleges, to get the best feel for what works for Schools in practice.

Turnitin and GradeMark FAQs bannerIn the meantime, you can use the Turnitin FAQs as they stand right now. We’ve tried to make these as searchable as possible, by using the ‘search’ in the right hand column, by using the categories to focus in on parts of the workflow, or by looking at the most common tags. We hope this helps you in your work using Turnitin (including GradeMark).

As always, we’re keen to learn from you about what you’re doing in practice and how we can help. If you have any comments about these FAQs, please feel free to comment in the Turnitin FAQs themselves, or drop us a line via the ELTT mailbox (