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Highlights of JISC Digifest 2017 – Day 2 – by Martin

27 March 2017

The second day of Digifest was attended by Marianna and myself. Here are some of my scheduled and favourite sessions (including DigiLab):


Part Deux: why educators can’t live without social media

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Great morning session about the social media and its impact in HE. Eric Stoller addressed several areas: critical thinking, building community and even career development. The interesting part for me was about using Snapchat and Instagram daily stories within HE in USA.

Perspectives on implementing a vision for developing staff digital capability

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A truly inspiring speech from Deborah Millar, director for digital learning and IT services, Salford City College and Steve Rowett, UCL about different approaches to staff engagement. Apart from providing drop-in sessions for staff, both speakers mentioned “champions”. Technology capable individuals across academic schools that inform their colleagues in different areas. UCL has a very similar structure to CU. They use for online training which is interesting. Also, take a look at the JISC strategy for building digital capability.

Flipped laboratory teaching incorporating online assessments

Engaging, simulation based online resources by Learning Science Ltd provide active learning opportunities to ensure your students are fully prepared for the lab, enabling the most effective use of time and resources.

C6-JNp_WcAQOCB6.jpg largeClosing plenary and keynote from Lauren Sager Weinstein

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A fascinating view of big data processing and its use in practice by Lauren Seger Weinstein, chief data officer at Transport for London.



This was my first Digifest and personally speaking it inspiring to meet people within our field, with vast experience and the same issues across the Higher Education sector. I’d like to adopt some of the ideas and solutions here at CU.


The main hall was full of interesting stands and two spots were presenting high-tech gadgets in DigiLab:

Virtual reality: The Microsoft HoloLens is an amazing piece of augmented reality technology. Compared VR headsets it allows you to interact with surroundings.

Robotics: Chat with Pepper the talking humanoid robot, who has been introduced into a handful of universities across the UK.

Mobile: find your optimum learning environment with Learnometer, or explore the power of 360° camera and finally measure the molecular makeup of any material with the SCiO sensor for your smartphone



Know it wall
Turnitin Feedback Studio
Blackboard Ally

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