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Digital education

Flipped over Camtasia!

12 June 2014

by Catherine Emmett

This week a request came to us at ELTT to help with recording a presentation in a specific way using Camtasia. In this particular case, the module team already had a very specific idea of what they wanted to achieve, which is to provide pre-recorded (information-based) presentations for learners to watch ahead, so they could then concentrate classroom time more effectively. In this case, it just required the final step of precise implementation.

The question we received was this:

is it possible to show both a video of the person presenting, and the slides, at the same time (with voice over)… along the lines of the videos that have been made from the ProVC roadshows.

Because this is an illustration of just one type of query the team might get, we thought it would be useful to share how to go about this, for general interest. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, by the way, there is an example of the Pro Vice-Chancellor’s ‘roadshow’ talk on Vimeo.

The video below describes how you might go about producing a recording that looks similar to that roadshow talk. It should be noted, of course, there are other tools to achieve the same final effect; including some capture tools, like Panopto, that provide desktop recording, and often do the layout work for you.