Cystadleuaeth Sêr y Gofod

Posted on 10 February 2023 by Chemaine Barrett

Mae’n bleser gan Brifysgol Caerdydd, yr Ysgol Ffiseg a Seryddiaeth gynnal Cyfarfod Seryddiaeth Cenedlaethol 2023 (NAM23) ym mis Gorffennaf 2023. I ddathlu’r digwyddiad, rydym yn eich gwahodd i rannu eich cariad at bopeth ynghylch y gofod mewn un o ddwy ffordd yn ein cystadlaethau cyffrous. Gwobr 1af = £50 o Nwyddau Gofod 2 il Wobr
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Space Super Stars Competition

Posted on 10 February 2023 by Chemaine Barrett

Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy are delighted to host The National Astronomy Meeting 2023 (NAM23) in July 2023. To celebrate the event, we are inviting you to share your love of all things space in one of two ways in our exciting competitions. 1st Prize = £50 of Space Goodies 2nd Prize =
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Pythagorean Astronomy: Happy Birthday JWST!

Posted on 23 December 2022 by Chris North

The 25th December marks an anniversary in the world of astronomy (as well as Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday, of course) – the launch of JWST, the infrared space telescope launched to explore the Universe in unprecedented detail. One year on from launch, Chris North and Edward Gomez look at a few of the results that
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Astronomy for Visually Impaired

Posted on 21 December 2022 by Chemaine Barrett

The Tactile Universe is an STFC funded public engagement project based at the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation. The project has used input and feedback from the UK’s vision impaired (VI) community to produce a suite of tactile 3D images of astronomical objects and accessible educational workshops which can be used to
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Public Event: Gravitational Waves – Hear From The Experts

Posted on 9 September 2022 by Chris North

Hear from some world-leading experts on gravitational waves, and the status of the international network of detectors. Date: Thursday 15th September Time: 1930-2100 Venue: Centre for Student Life, Cardiff University About this event Since the first detection of gravitational waves in 2015, the international network of gravitational wave detectors has continued to grow and the
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Physics Mentoring Project Ogden TrustAward

The Award Winning Physics Mentoring Project

Posted on 10 August 2022 by Chris North

[cross-posted from the Physics Mentoring Project] We are extremely proud to announce that in July the Physics Mentoring Project was awarded the award of ‘Excellence in Support of Student Ambassadors’ by the Ogden Trust. The Ogden Trust is a charitable trust that ‘exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics.’ They encourage newly graduated
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Teentech Innovation Live

TeenTech Innovation Live: Space

Posted on 1 March 2022 by Chris North

The space and aeronautical industries are bigger than most people ever imagine. Whether your students want to know more about exploring galaxies, launching satellites or how to make sure the next generation of aircraft are safer and greener, this lively session captures all the excitement and challenges. We’ll cover some of the history of space
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