Useful Links

The Departmental web pages contain a rich resource of materials of interest to teachers and students, but they also contain a great deal of information which is aimed at the professional physicist.

We have selected some web pages which could be of interest to teachers for enrichment material or for teaching purposes and of value to A-level and undergraduate students.


Herschel Outreach Website: Find out the latest news about the Herschel Space Observatory including some of the latest Cardiff results.

James Webb Space Telescope: Resources linked to the James Webb Space Telescope

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Astronomical images – a different one each day together with a brief explanation from a professional astronomer.

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network: The largest homogeneous network of telescopes in the World, LCO also has innovative educational tools, fun activities and a wealth of information on astronomy.

Astronomy Resources for Kids: A range of resources for children to learn about space, kindly shared by Emma from the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama council.


Black Holes and Gravitational Waves: An introduction to gravity waves and black holes and to the rapidly growing research in this field

Gravitational Waves: A detailed but accessible account of research in the field of gravitational waves

Study Physics at Cardiff

Cardiff University Undergraduate Guide: Just about all you need to know to decide if Cardiff is the place for you to study physics