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Pythagorean Astronomy: out with the old, in with the new

Posted on 27 February 2020 by Chris North

Betelgeuse is still misbehaving, though we’re starting to get more information in from new observations by some of the largest telescope. Astronomers are narrowing in on the possible explanations. Chris, Edward and Claudia discuss what the implications might be. While the dimming of Betelgeuse isn’t anything to do with aliens, the SETI programme is still
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We’re Hiring! Join our Outreach Team as the Ogden Outreach Officer

Posted on 31 January 2020 by Chris North

Apply Now! An opportunity has arisen in the School of Physics and Astronomy to join a well-established outreach team as the Ogden Outreach Officer. This position is funded collaboratively by the Ogden Trust, Compound Semiconductor (CS) Hub and the School of Physics and Astronomy. The Ogden Trust aims to increase the uptake of physics for
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Pythagorean Astronomy: Dimming stars, Galactic waves and misbehaving gas clouds

Posted on 31 January 2020 by Chris North

The astronomy world has been a-buzz with news of Betelgeuse, the bright red star in Orion, which appears to be dimming. Chris North, Edward Gomez and Claudia Antolini discuss how unusual this is, and what it means for the star’s future. Further afield, there’s a newly identified wave in our Galactic neighbourhood, changing our understanding
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Image of HERA satellite near asteroid Didymoon

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Pythagorean Astronomy: What the future holds

Posted on 29 December 2019 by Chris North

The final episode of 2019 includes a look back at a few things that have happened this year, and a look forward to the future. Chris North & Edward Gomez discuss the developments in exoplanet discoveries, and what future missions (such as CHEOPS, Plato and Ariel) may be able to tell us about the wide
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