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Welcome to a new year in the CUConservation labs: Handy blog posts to read

3 October 2022

Welcome to a new academic year in the CU Conservation labs!! If you are a new student looking for what to expect in the lab, with object treatments or you are a prospective student looking for some more information about studying conservation before you apply, here are a few blog posts with helpful information to get you started!


Starting out

Pathways to conservation

Object Handling

From Retail to 18th Century Glass- Getting your first object


Treating a plaster shark

Rebinding a Children’s book

The Use of Japanese Tissue paper in the conservation of Natural History specimens

Bugging out: IPM of an active collection

Bronze disease: Even metals get sick

Glass Plate negative conservation


UV and IR photography and Post Processing

Hell bent for leather: an investigation determining type of leather used for bridle rosettes 

Analysis of Blackfriary Glass


Hopefully these have answered some of your questions or will be great starting points when approaching objects and treatments- but don’t stop here, there are more blog posts to discover covering ethics, summer placements, Alumni stories and more on the topics provided! Also check out the CUConservation Twitter and Instagram @CUConservation to see what kind of objects and treatments students have conducted and current progress!