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A new chapter for Cardiff University Rugby: share your legacy

25 March 2024

Hello Cardiff University Rugby alumni and enthusiasts!

I’m Chris Davies, the newly appointed Head of Rugby at Cardiff University. Having spent three seasons on the coaching team, I’m honoured and excited to take on this role, fully aware of our predecessors’ rich legacy and the many contributions of our past members.

Looking ahead, my aspirations for this role extend beyond victories on the pitch. I’m deeply committed to reconnecting with our alumni, enhancing both the standard of rugby today and the overall Cardiff University experience.

We want to hear from you

If you played for any of the rugby teams at Cardiff University (or UCC, UWIST, UWCM), we’d love to hear from you. You can now tell us your own links with Cardiff University Rugby Football Club, so we can share opportunities and relevant news in turn.

To the veterans of our club, your journey, both during and after your time at Cardiff University, serves as inspiration for our current and future players. Re-establishing our connections will not just act as a nod to our shared history but will help to build a more supportive rugby community. Together, we can open avenues for mentorship, networking, and a deeper sense of belonging among current students. Your insights can profoundly impact their development and offer valuable guidance even beyond the rugby field.

Recent victories

Our rugby club has grown to comprise of seven men’s teams, including five main teams and two dedicated to our medics, alongside two women’s teams. Our 1st men’s team has secured our standing in BUCS Super Rugby, while our 7ths have clinched the Western Conference Trophy. Meanwhile, our women’s teams have made their debut in the Women’s National League (WNL), retaining their place for the forthcoming season. These accomplishments mark a pivotal moment for Cardiff University, with both our men’s and women’s teams competing in the top tier of university rugby – a feat that speaks volumes of our collective dedication and talent.

The Men’s 1st team saw a historic achievement in the 2022/23 season. For the first time in recent memory, we triumphed over our rivals, Cardiff Met (UWIC), and surpassed them in the BUCS Super Rugby standings. We also reached the play-off semi-finals for the first time in decades – a closely contested battle that ended with a narrow defeat at Exeter.

Among tales of individual success, we celebrate players who have progressed to international, regional, and domestic rugby stages, with Dr Jamie Roberts (MBBCh 2013) serving as a prime example of someone who has excelled both on the field and in his academic pursuits.

The path forward

In embracing a new chapter for Cardiff University Rugby, I aim to build a program that honours our past, champions our present, and pioneers our future. As we gear up for the historic Varsity match against Swansea University on April 24th, the anticipation has never been higher. This match, steeped in rivalry and pride, represents more than just a game. It’s a testament to our collective passion, resilience, and commitment to the sport of rugby. Preparing for this clash is not just about tactics and training – it’s about harnessing the collective support from our community, including our valued alumni.

So, I invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Let’s reconnect, reminisce, and contribute to the ongoing legacy of Cardiff University Rugby. You can take the first step today by sharing your connections with the club.

Warm regards, Chris Davies – Head of Rugby, Cardiff University