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Pythagorean Astronomy: Vulcans, dust storms, and water on Mars

Posted on 27 September 2018 by Chris North

Chris North, Sarah Roberts and Mat Allen discuss a number of recent news stories. One of the latest planets to be discovered, “40 Eridani A a”, seems to be a lot like the fictional planet Vulcan, home to Spock in Star Trek. The RemoveDEBRIS mission has test-fired its net, and the Hyabusa 2 mission has
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Pythagorean Astronomy: Parking near the Sun

Posted on 30 August 2018 by Chris North

Earlier this month it was announced that an entrepreneur would like to launch an “artificial star” into orbit, adding to the mass of space junk. Chris North and Edward Gomez give their views on the matter, and how missions such as RemoveDEBRIS might help. Further afield, there’s more water on Mars – or in this
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Young physicists recognised for achievement

Posted on 23 August 2018 by Chris North

The School of Physics and Astronomy hosted the Ogden Trust School Physicist of the Year event on Wednesday 18th July to celebrate young regional physicists. The School Physicist of the Year (SPotY) programme recognises outstanding efforts and achievements of secondary school students in physics. Seven physics students from local schools were awarded prizes at the
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Pythagorean Astronomy: Icy Moons and Ice Cubes

Posted on 25 July 2018 by Chris North

It was announced this month that Jupiter has got even more moons than previously thought, with its total haul now coming in at 79! We discuss why the new moons are odd. The Very Large Telescope in Chile also made a new discovery – a very young planet forming in the dusty disk of material
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