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Binary black holes

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Pythagorean Astronomy: Gravitational Waves and Life from Venus?

Posted on 1 July 2017 by Chris North

At the start of June the LIGO team announced that they had made the third firm detection of gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes. This latest detection, from the second observing run, adds to the collection of massive binary black holes detected by LIGO. One of the things that can be determined
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Astronomy, Media, Pythagorean Astronomy, Radio and Podcasts

Pythagorean Astronomy: Cassini’s Grand Finale

Posted on 31 May 2017 by Chris North

This month we don’t just look back at a few news stories, but also ahead to what’s happening over the coming months for one of the most successful space missions ever: Cassini. Having orbited Saturn for 13 years, Cassini’s fuel is running out and the mission has embarked on a “Grand Finale” before its final
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Herschel on the Jodcast

Posted on 26 May 2017 by Chris North

Dr. Elisabetta Valiante from The School of Physics and Astronomy has been interviewed for the “May Extra” episode of the Jodcast – a long-running astronomy podcast produced by staff and students at Jodrell Bank. You can listen to the whole episode, or just Elisabetta’s interview. During the interview, Elisabetta explains what questions astronomers are trying to answer with the Herschel
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Cardiff Physics AS Level Summer Programme

Posted on 12 May 2017 by Brychan Govier

We will host a 3 day non-residential workshop for AS level students interested in continuing on to Physics degrees. Taking place in Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy the workshops will run 26-28 June, including activities and lectures provided by Cardiff University staff and students. The event will run 10:00 – 16:30, with refreshments from 09:30. A more
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