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TV series starring Cardiff University

22 February 2024

Craving a bit of Cardiff University nostalgia? Excited to spot familiar locations on the telly? We’ve put together a list of TV series filmed in and around our campus buildings. For even more University sightings, check out an archive of screen grabs on the Instagram @filmatcardiffuni.

Doctor Who

The classic sci-fi has been around since 1963 but relaunched in 2005 from a home base in Cardiff. Our alumni and students are likely aware of its connections to our campus, with many scenes shot within our grounds. Keep your eyes peeled and see how many locations you can spot (especially in the show’s tenth series, featuring Peter Capaldi).

You can catch up with Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer and BritBox.


This hugely popular crime series takes Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman across Cardiff, with the city acting as a helpful stand-in for London. You can spot the University’s Main Building in the show’s very first and final episodes, while a range of other campus locations make an appearance, including the Hadyn Ellis building and our Optometry labs. The local National Museum also sneaks into the show at different times.

You can stream Sherlock on BBC iPlayer and NOW TV. 

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is another star-studded adaptation of a beloved book series. Cardiff University’s Glamorgan Building and Temple of Peace both act as backdrops for the fantasy drama, and other locations will be familiar to those who’ve explored Cardiff beyond campus walls. 

Stream the show’s three seasons on BBC iPlayer.

The Way

This 2024 three-part drama stars the Welsh town of Port Talbot and is directed by Cardiff University Honorary Fellow Michael Sheen. Filming was taken further afield to the University campus – keep your eyes open for the Hadyn Ellis building.

Watch The Way on BBC iPlayer.

A Discovery of Witches

Wales welcomed yet another fantasy series with A Discovery of Witches. The time-travelling romance follows stars Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode across many scenic Welsh landscapes and heritage sites. You can catch Cardiff University’s Glamorgan Building in series three, doubling up as a New Orleans court.

You can watch A Discovery of Witches on NOW TV.


This comedy drama follows Wales’ own Ruth Jones in the fictional town of Pontyberry, and filming primarily took place in Rhondda. You can’t miss Cardiff University in series six though – watch out for the Main Building and some freshers nostalgia.

You can stream Stella on NOW TV.


This intense work drama follows competing graduates at a top investment bank. Though the show is based in London, much of its filming took place in Cardiff – and you can spot the School of Journalism, Media and Culture in the very first scene.

Catch up with Industry on BBC iPlayer.

Black Cake

Black Cake is a 2023 historical drama from Executive Producer Oprah Winfrey. The show takes audiences on a journey around the world and features several Welsh backdrops, including the University’s Glamorgan Building, Temple of Peace, and sbarc|spark.

Black Cake is available to stream on Disney+.

Decline and Fall

You can also spot the Glamorgan Building and its beautiful architecture in this 1920s mini-series, starring Jack Whitehall and Eva Longoria.

Decline and Fall is currently available on Prime Video.


This spooky six-part thriller puts Wales centre stage. See if you can catch some familiar Cardiff University locations – you may start to see our campus in a completely different light. 

Requiem is currently available to stream on Netflix.


This Doctor Who spin-off may be set at the fictional Coal Hill Academy in London, but can you spot Cardiff’s own Hadyn Ellis building?

Class is available to stream on BBC iPlayer and BritBox.


Traitors is packed with espionage and betrayal – but it’s not to be mistaken for the BBC reality show. This 2019 mini-series stars Keeley Hawes as well as several Cardiff locations, including the Glamorgan Building.

Traitors is currently available on Netflix.

Craving more Cardiff?

If that doesn’t satisfy your Cardiff nostalgia – or perhaps you’ve already made your way through these shows – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of TV series shot in and around Cardiff:  

Gavin and Stacey – Barry

First up, the beloved Barry Island sitcom Gavin and Stacey. Available on BBC iPlayer and NOW TV.

Being Human – Barry

This supernatural comedy drama brought together a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire as housemates. From series three, they made Barry their home. Available to stream on ITVX and BritBox. 

Sex Education – Wye Valley

The hit teen comedy series was filmed across multiple locations in South Wales and made particular use of the Wye Valley’s beautiful landscape. The series also stars a couple of Cardiff students, now alumni! Available on Netflix.

Da Vinci’s Demons – Tongwynlais

A historical fantasy series which makes use of Tongwynlais’ fairy tale landscape. Available to stream on Disney+.

Merlin – Tongwynlais

Another fantasy drama which filmed around Tongwynlais and, more specifically, Castell Coch. Currently available to stream across BBC iPlayer, Disney+, NOW TV, and BritBox. 

Galavant – Caerphilly Castle

Keeping with the castle trend, this medieval musical fantasy may become your next guilty pleasure.

Torchwood – Cardiff

This Doctor Who spin-off was aimed at older audiences and follows a team of alien hunters based at the ‘Torchwood Institute’ in Cardiff. The series gained a huge cult following, to the extent that a shrine to one of the central characters remains in Cardiff Bay to this day. Available to stream on BBC iPlayer and BritBox. 

The Lazarus Project – Cardiff

The time travel never ends in Cardiff – keep an eye out for some familiar locations in this sci-fi starring Paapa Essiedu. You can watch the show’s two seasons on NOW TV.

Alex Rider – Cardiff

This teen spy adaptation features several familiar Cardiff locations as a stand-in for London. You can catch the show’s first two seasons on Freevee.

War of the Worlds – Cardiff

Catch Cardiff Bay’s Senedd chamber in this contemporary sci-fi adaptation, starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Gabriel Byrne. Available on Disney+ and Channel 5.

Casualty – Cardiff

Cardiff residents will be familiar with the long-running show filming in and around the city. You can catch up with the show’s many series on BBC iPlayer.