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Alumni inspire future media professionals

22 November 2023

In October, five change-making alumni returned to Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture to speak with current students. The panel included He (River) Huang (MA 2013), Kacie Morgan (BA 2010), Patience Nyange (MA 2021), Matt Barbet (BA 1997, PgDip 1999), and James Smart (MA 2016).  

Postgraduate student Sophia Crothall (Cultural and Creative Industries 2023-) attended the talk and shares her key takeaways from their career stories.   

As someone aspiring to work in television or social media and still deciding on their niche, I was intrigued to hear about different jobs that are available in the media sector. I wanted to attend the careers talk to find out more about the pathways that Journalism, Media and Culture alumni have taken.  

My biggest takeaway from the talk was that it’s okay to try something and find that it’s not for you. The panel all shared experiences of going into a job and then discovering it wasn’t right for them – this is all part of the process and can be useful for determining what you really want to do.  
The talk also covered the topics of freelancing and being self-employed. I found this really interesting and reassuring, as often self-employment can seem quite daunting, with concerns around pay and security. It was inspiring to hear how much the panel now love their jobs and how great it can be working for yourself.   

Overall, I now feel more aware of the range of jobs available in the sector, how beneficial my degree will be, and that not everyone instantly finds their perfect job. It can take time! 

I would highly encourage other alumni thinking of giving a career talk to do it. For current Cardiff University students like me, it can offer reassurance that the roles we’re interested in are achievable, and highlights how the skills that we’re gaining during our degrees can be transferred into work.  

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to ask questions and form our own views around our potential careers. Plus, I imagine it must be so rewarding for alumni to come back to the place where their own journey began! 

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