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10 tips to put the fun back in fundraising

6 May 2021

It’s been an unusual year or two, and whether you signed up to the Cardiff Half Marathon a million years ago or very recently, fundraising can seem awkward in the aftermath of a global pandemic. But COVID-19 rules across many parts of the UK and the world are changing. Many of us are starting to venture out into the world of doing stuff and, to help get you going, we’ve got some simple (and easy) fundraising ideas.

But before you eager beavers get stuck in, there’s a few rules to remember. Make sure whatever you get up to is in line with local COVID-19 restrictions, and if you decide to do anything with food, think about food hygiene and allergies. For anything gambling-related, be sure to check the Gambling Commission rules before you proceed and remember, if you’re asking for donations in return for goods or services, they won’t be eligible for Gift Aid.

1. Fundraising sweepstake

This one can be a fun, friendly competition between your work colleagues. Simply pick an event with lots of contestants or teams. Ask for a small donation for entry (say £5) and allocate a country at random. You can either source a prize for your winner, or offer up part of the money raised, making sure you leave a nice chunk for your fundraising pot. Don’t forget to check the Gambling Commission rules before you proceed.

2. Plant or seed sale

Everyone is into a bit of gardening now, aren’t they? Depending on your set up, this next idea can be done outside of your house or even just through social media. Buy a bunch of seeds (or take cuttings from your house plants and ask for donations per plant!

3. Car wash service for neighbours and friends

Got a sponge and a bit of glass cleaner? Cue 80s montage of cleaning cars to raise money for something. People are happy to let someone else do a job they hate, so get those dungarees and neon headbands on and make it work.

4. Zoom quiz

We know, we know; a big collective sigh just reached us from wherever you all are. But you’ve got to admit it, Zoom quizzes are nice and easy (and cheap!). If you’re not entirely sick of them, why not set one up with friends and family? Ask for a small donation for entry and winners can have a funny GIF or personalised poem sent their way, and losers can have a forfeit (maybe to set up a Zoom quiz of their own…).

5. Raffle

Put together a hamper of goodies (everyone loves chocolate!) or speak to your local pub, restaurant or independent shop about vouchers to raffle off.  That way, as well as raising money, you’ll be supporting a local business that really needs it. Don’t forget to check the Gambling Commission rules before you proceed.

6. Sell your unwanted stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Raise some cash and get rid of the stuff clogging up your cupboards and wardrobes at the same time. Facebook is a really easy way to do this with no commission charge. Simply start uploading pics and prices! Nobody needs twenty pairs of sunglasses or long-sleeve Ts, right?

 7. Make and sell masks

We may need masks for a little while yet, and the ones we’ve been wearing are probably getting a bit gross by now! And a little out of mask-fashion too, if that’s a thing. There are plenty of how-to guides on the internet for making your own and people will be happy to donate for a nice homemade mask.

8. Dog walking

You may have noticed the boom in dog owners over the pandemic period. Dogs are everywhere! With many people starting to go back to work, there could be plenty of dog-walking opportunities. Why not slip a few home-made flyers through doors, or simply ask a couple of neighbours if they need a hand with their pets?

9. Raise some dough by baking (…get it?)

Put those lockdown baking skills to good use and sell some treats to friends and family. Ingredients can be cheap, and you might find you have most of it in your cupboards already. Just remember to follow food hygiene guidance and be COVID safe – no licking the spoon!

10. Beard shaving/fringe cutting

Feeling brave and not at all image-conscious? Then this could be the fundraising idea for you. If you’ve got a lot of facial hair, then raise some money and find out how many of your nearest and dearest are keen to get rid of it. If you don’t have facial hair, then brave a quirky fringe cut – and if you’re really up for it, then let someone with a sense of humour do the cutting. And don’t worry, hair grows back!