Effect of Shore-parallel Breakwaters in Tidal Conditions on Coastal Morphology (LEACOAST)

Breakwaters at Sea Palling

This EPSRC funded research project is a collaborative venture between the University of Liverpool (UL) and the University East Anglia (UEA). It aims to improve understanding of interactive coastal processes and morphology changes produced by construction of shore-parallel breakwaters in UK tidal conditions. The Project will focus on modelling and measuring the hydrodynamics and morphogolical changes during storm-events. Use will be made of an existing Liverpool Q3D morphological computer model, which will be enhanced to include the effect of over-topping and reflective porous structures. Field data will be gathered from two typical (but different) embayments (one per winter season) at the Sea Palling in Norfolk, UK where 9 shore-parallel segmented breakwaters have resulted in the formation of low-water tombolos and salients, as well as impacts on the beaches down-drift. Existing data on waves, currents and transient bathymetric changes collected from a central embayment in the UKCRF by earlier EPSRC-sponsored research (LUPY Project) will also be used in the modelling component.The Project is also supported by HR Wallingford, Halcrow, EA, DEFRA as well as a number of academic partners, whose links are provided.

My Role: CI/PI

  1. To coordinate the research project
  2. To supervise the development of COAST2D Model


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