Integrated Coastal Sediment Systems (iCOASST)

Fishtail Breakwater at Wirral

The iCOASST project is funded by NERC, and is to develop new methods that will characterise and forecast long-term changes to coastal sediment systems. This work is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and is partnered by the Environment Agency (EA), who will use these methods to improve long-term flood and erosion risk management.

The increasing risk of coastal flooding within the UK, and poor understanding of mesoscale evolution, not just around the UK coast, but worldwide drives this research.  The project plans to integrate coastal systems mapping, bbehavior landform models and coastal area models to produce a tool that can be used to forecast long term coastal evolution (50-100 years). The consortium has considerable modelling experience, previous work, expert knowledge and data access to progress this research successfully, leaving a legacy that will have practical application to coastal erosion and flood management.

My Role: CI

As a CI in this project, I am involved in providing the results from the process-based model (COAST2D) to the inverse modelling, which is being carried out by colleagues at Swansea University to inform the large scale long-term coastal models.


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