COAST2D Flowchart

For many years, I have been involved in developing an refining the COAST2D model, which is designed to predict hydrodynamics and morphodynamics in the nearshore area, through a number of research projects, in particular, the LEACOAST and LEACOAST2 projects. The model has been widely applied to laboratory and field studies, particularly where coastal defence structures are present.

The COAST2D Model solves depth-average 2D continuity and momentum equations for current, and wave energy equations for wave transformation in the nearshore area, as well as sediment transport under the combined wave and tide conditions for coastal morphological change. The model includes the complex coastal processes, such as wave breaking, wave refraction/diffraction, wave-current interaction, wave overtopping. Both hydrodynamics and morphodynamics are looped in an interactive manner. The Flow chart of the model is shown here.