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Paraloid B72 is not the only adhesive or how many adhesive puns can I use before it gets tacky?

Posted on 18 November 2022 by Tessa Corton

    Paraloid B72. Or Acryloid B72, if you’re American, or even ethyl methacrylate and methacrylate if you’re feeling fancy (Preservation Equipment Ltd, 2021). By whatever name, you’re bound to […]

Rebinding a Children’s Book

Posted on 19 January 2022 by Estelle Girard

Context  One of the objects I’m working on currently is a children’s story book. After an in-depth condition assessment of the object and a talk with the owner, I decided […]

UV and IR Photography and Post-Processing

Posted on 18 January 2022 by Sorcha Riby

This is a video on UV and IR photography and post-processing I’ve made as part of the Project Report assessment for the first-year module, Practical Projects 2. It’s aimed at […]

From Retail to 18th Century glass: My first object

From Retail to 18th Century glass: My first object

Posted on 18 January 2022 by Courtney Lyons

Are you coming to study MSc Conservation Practice? Are you thinking about changing your career and retraining as an object conservator? Not sure what to expect? Here is a little […]

Fun things I Tried In My Internship!

Fun things I Tried In My Internship!

Posted on 18 January 2022 by tszcheung

Being one of the luckiest to take the placement at my school, the Cardiff University, is absolutely rewarded from various working aspects. Starting from cleaning the Roman coins, I learnt […]

The Mutual Benefits of Volunteering with Susan Sandford

Posted on 2 February 2014 by Nerys Rudder

During my time at Cardiff University I have been keen to add to my practical skills by volunteering. There are always opportunities for students to donate their time to local […]

Taking A Look Inside A Pair of Slippers with Anna O’Neill

Posted on 15 January 2014 by Nerys Rudder

One of the most exciting things about being a conservator is discovering information hidden within an object.  Sometimes, this can be quite literally inside an artefact, and for this there […]

Our First Alumni Profile with Francis Lukezic

Posted on 14 January 2014 by Nerys Rudder

Hello Conservation Community at Cardiff University. For those of you I have not had the opportunity to meet, my name is Francis Lukezic and I completed the MSc in Conservation […]

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