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Universally Different – 8th March 2022

Space is for everyone, a whole universe of wonders and possibilities. However, for many pupils the way these topics are taught can make these subjects seem out of their reach and daunting. Teaching these out of this world concepts can be difficult, even for seasoned educators. Experiments and demonstrations are usually abstract representations of what we would observe in real life, and for some learners, this can be difficult to contextualise and relate to, especially if students have special educational requirements.

With “Universally `Different“, the Our Space Our Future is teaming up with some fantastic science communicators and educators to help us learn how. By approaching these subjects, a little differently, you can open up the world, and even galaxies to audiences that would usually find these subjects difficult to engage with. On the 8th of March at 16:00 GMT, why not join our online discussion and see how you can help spread the wonders of space and science and make these subjects more inclusive for all? We are all universally different, and maybe by adopting a few of these concepts, you may help more people than you expect.

Date: Tue 8th March 2022
Time: 1600-1730

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