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All Our Universe in the Classroom Education Resources in Welsh Language!

We’re very excited to announce that we can now offer all of our Universe in the Classroom activity guides in welsh language!

Wales boasts 3,094 schools of which 483 are welsh medium (meaning education is delivered in welsh language). Universe in the Classroom aims to help improve science teaching at underserved schools in Wales. Due to a lack of welsh language materials and support available, we categorized all welsh medium schools as underserved and have put emphasis on offering these schools a place on our programme.

Universe in the Classroom works with a higher percentage of welsh medium schools than the national average, with 22% of our partner schools being welsh medium. Therefore, the provision of welsh language materials is a priority.

We are very pleased to now offer all of our activity guides in Welsh language, along with a variety of print materials! This includes a selection of activity booklets, cut-out models and student worksheets.

You can find both our English and Welsh education materials on our website For our printed resources For our teacher activity guides go to